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Casinos Care® has worked for over a decade to bring next generation gaming solutions that drive social impact. It’s likely that you’ve seen our donation system through our third-party vendor at one of our many partner casinos. Our products seamlessly integrate cashless transactions and charitable donations for an immersive donation experience that anyone can feel great about.

A yellow icon of a piggy bank with a stack of coins
A yellow icon of a piggy bank with a stack of coins
A yellow icon of a piggy bank with a stack of coins
Dedicated to Positive Change
We use innovative technology to curate cashless gaming experiences,
while supporting charity organizations nationwide.
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Our Mission
Curating a positive donation experience.
Our industry experts work to make sure no change is left behind. We curate a seamless player experience that makes donating fun, for the benefit of all our partners!
What We Do
We make your organization better.
At Casinos Care®, we are driven by innovation. Our existing properties have redefined the gaming landscape, but we’re not stopping there.
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The Donate Button

Our Donate Button for the gaming industry is the only product of its nature recognized by leading gaming associations.

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Allows players to donate to a charity of their choice

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Seamless integration with cashout kiosks and slot machines

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Reduces low-ticket cashouts

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Analytics Dashboard

Our Web Analytics Dashboard connects casino and charity partners, providing insights on donations, performance and more.

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Analyze donation performance

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Select featured charities at the touch of a button

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Connect with partner organizations

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The Giving Module

Our revolutionary cashless donation solution. By integrating directly with slots and games, we prompt player donations as soon as their done.

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Optimized donation process

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User-centric design

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Makes donation the easy option

Responsible Gaming Standard
Driven by a commitment to responsible gaming, Casinos Care® leads as a business intelligence gaming innovator, providing transparent, and secure step coin-handling solutions that optimize operations, benefit nonprofits, and prioritize integrity and player protection.
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Exclusive Partnerships

At Casinos Care®, we take utmost care in selecting our partners, working exclusively with reputable non-profit organizations and accredited fundraisers who are dedicated to supporting charitable organizations.

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Transparency & Oversight

We prioritize robust fund management to protect our casino partners and charitable organizations from losses, ensuring complete control over every transaction for maximum oversight , transparency and compliance.

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Comprehensive Data Security

We go to great lengths to ensure that personal information is safeguarded through rigorous measures, maintaining strict confidentiality protocols, and employing advanced encryption technologies.

join a national network of Casino and Nonprofit partners.
join a national network of Casino and Nonprofit partners.
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